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Q: On this day in 1993, Audrey Hepburn died of cancer at the age of 63 in what country?
A: Switzerland

Q: Who performed “The Ballad of Jed Clampett,” the theme of The Beverly Hillbillies?
A: Flatt & Scruggs

Q: On this day in 1965, Barbra Streisand and what other singer performed at Lyndon Johnson’s presidential inauguration?
A: Bobby Darin

Q: Eddie Rabbitt hit number one with “I Love a Rainy Night” in what year?
A: 1981

Q: In what year was Ivan The Terrible crowned Czar of Russia?
A: 1547

Q: Who was the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate?
A: Hattie W. Caraway

Q: What is the name of the treaty that ended the War of 1812?
A: Treaty of Ghent

Q: The show “Masterpiece Theatre” premiered on PBS in what year?
A: 1971

Q: On this day in 2002, a U.S. military tanker plane went down, killing all seven Marines on board. In what Country was the crash?
A: Pakistan

Q: Wheel of Fortune premiered in the U.S. on this day in what year?
A: 1975

Q: Construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge on this day in what year?
A: 1933

Q: Who was the first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
A: Nancy Pelosi

Q: First class postage stamps were raised to 32 cents each on this day in what year?
A: 1995

Q: In 1865, Author Rudyard Kipling was born on this day in what city?
A: Bombay, India

Q: On this day in 1845, President James Polk signed legislation making WHAT the 28th state of the United States?
A: Texas

Q: Who was the first vice president of the United States to resign the office?
A: John C. Calhoun (1832)

Q: Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City on this day in what year?
A: 1932

Q: On this day in 1968, Led Zeppelin made their U.S. concert debut in what city?
A: Boston

Q: On this day in 1951, a National Football League championship game was televised nationally for the first time. Who were the teams?
A: The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cleveland Browns, 24-17

Q: In the Rupert Holmes hit “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” name the bar where they meet.
A: O’Malley’s

Q: On this day in 1945, General George Patton died of injuries sustained in a jeep accident in what German city?
A: Heidelburg

Q: On this day in 1860, which state became the first to secede from the Union?
A: South Carolina

Q: Benjamin Franklin began publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac on this day in what year?
A: 1732

Q: On this day in 1944, the World War Two Battle of the Bulge began as German forces launched a surprise counter-attack against Allied forces in what country?
A: Belgium

Q: Thomas Edison patented the phonograph on this day in what year?
A: 1877

Q: On this day in 1997, LeAnn Rimes made her acting debut in what ABC-TV holiday movie?
A: “Holiday in Your Heart”

Q: What Hall & Oates song was #1 on the charts on this day in 1982?
A: Maneater

Q: Washington, D.C. was established as the capital of the United States on this day in what year?
A: 1790

Q: Garth Brooks earned his first number one hit with “If Tomorrow Never Comes” on this day in what year?
A: 1989

Q: on this day in 1979, the band Styx scored their only U.S. #1 hit with what song?
A: “Babe”

Q: Who was the LAST person to walk on the moon?
A: Eugene Andrew “Gene” Cernan

Q: The first presidential address on radio was broadcast on this day in 1923, with what President speaking to a joint session of Congress?
A: Calvin Coolidge

Q: Who was the first American born President, born on this day in 1782?
A: Martin Van Buren

Q: Napoleon was crowned emperor of France on this day in what year?
A: 1804

Q: What is the only country of South America whose official language is English?
A: Guyana

Q: What Sly & The Family Stone hit was the number one song in the U.S. on this day in 1971?
A: Family Affair

Q: Name the Chimp that was launched from Cape Canaveral aboard the Mercury-Atlas Five spacecraft, and orbited the Earth twice before landing off Puerto Rico, on this day in 1961.
A: Enos

Q: On this day in 1990, who resigned as Prime Minister of Britain?
A: Margaret Thatcher

Q: The Band Aid single, “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” was recorded by the top names in British pop at a London studio, on this day in what year?
A: 1984

Q: The first-ever episode of Doctor Who aired on the BBC, on this day in what year?
A: 1963

Q: Who won five trophies, including Artist of the Year, at the American Music Awards in 2009?
A: Taylor Swift

Q: What Elvis Presley film premiered on this day in 1963?
A: “Fun In Acapulco”

Q: On this day in 1987, the number one song in the U.S. was a remake of a song from 1968. What was it?
A: “Mony Mony” by Billy Idol

Q: On this day in 1965, The Supremes were at number one with what song?
A: “I Hear A Symphony”

Q: What U.S. President authorized the construction of the Alaska pipeline?
A: Richard Nixon (In 1973.)

Q: On this day in 1939, President Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of what memorial in Washington, D.C.?
A: the Jefferson Memorial

Q: Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick was first published in the U.S. on this day in what year?
A: 1851

Q: The New York Knickerbockers — now the Knicks — played their first game at Madison Square Garden on this day in what year?
A: 1946

Q: Sesame Street made its debut on PBS on this day in what year?
A: 1969

Q: What territory became the 41st U.S. state in 1889?
A: Montana

Q: On this day in 1966, who was elected governor of California?
A: Ronald Reagan

Q: Who was the only U.S. President ever to serve four terms?
A: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Q: On this day in 2001, the Arizona Diamondbacks won their first World Series, beating the New York Yankees in Game Seven. what was the final score?
A: 3-2

Q: On this day in 1972, singer Carly Simon married who in New York?
A: James Taylor

Q: What Elvis Presley film premiered on this day in 1962?
A: Girls! Girls! Girls!

Q: On this day in 1975, what Elton John song was at number one on the charts?
A: Island Girl

Q: The fear of Halloween is know by what scientific term?
A: Samhainopobia

Q: On this day in 1940, Italy invaded what country during World War II?
A: Greece

Q: On this day in 1975, who became the first rock artist to be featured on the covers of Time and Newsweek simultaneously?
A: Bruce Springsteen

Q: On this day in 1970, what comic strip by Garry Trudeau debuted nationally?
A: Doonesbury

Q: On this day in 1945, President Truman gave the authorization for the U.S. flag to have how many stars?
A: 48

Q: On this day in 2005, what hurricane made landfall in Florida causing an estimated $20 billion in damage?
A: Wilma

Q: The Guggenheim Museum in New York opened to the public on this day in what year?
A: 1959

Q: The Senate approved the Louisiana Purchase on this day in what year?
A: 1803

Q: On this day in 1987, It was Black Monday on Wall Street. The worst plunge ever in trading history. How many points did the market fall on that day?
A: 508 points

Q: On this day in 1997, what group sang the national anthem at the opening game of the World Series at Miami’s Pro Player Stadium?
A: Hanson

Q: On this day in 1995, the Cleveland Indians won the American League pennant by beating what team, 4-0, in game six of their playoff series?
A: the Seattle Mariners

Q: What album was released by Prince on this day in 1981?
A: Controversy

Q: On this day in 54 A.D., the Roman emperor Claudius I died after being poisoned by his wife. What was her name?
A: Agrippina

Q: On this day in 1984, who became the first American woman to walk in space?
A: Kathy Sullivan

Q: The U.S. Naval Academy opened in Annapolis, Maryland, on this day in what year?
A: 1845

Q: Edgar Allen Poe died on this day in 1849. How old was he?
A: 40

Q: Peter Falk is most famous for playing TV detective Columbo. In what movie did he play grandfather to The Wonder Years’ Fred Savage?
A: The Princess Bride

Q: On this day in 1974, what Olivia Newton-John song was the number one single in America?
A: “I Honestly Love You”

Q: On this day in 1975, Willie Nelson went to number one for the first time as an artist with what song?
A: “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”

Q: In what year did President Lincoln declare the last Thursday of November would be recognized as Thanksgiving Day?
A: 1863

Q: On this day in 1947, the World Series was televised for the first time. Who were the competing teams?
A: the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees

Q: In the 1983 movie “The Outsiders,” what actor played the part of Steve Randle?
A: Tom Cruise

Q: On this day in 1957, what Jimmie Rogers song was at #1 on the charts?
A: “Honeycomb”

Q: What political cartoonist, born on this day in 1840, created the Republican elephant and the Democrat donkey?
A: Thomas Nast

Q: On this day in 1789, who was appointed America’s first attorney general?
A: Edmund Jennings Randolph

Q: Captain & Tennille’s primetime music variety show premiered on this day in what year?
A: 1976

Q: What U.S. President died on September 19th due to wounds inflicted by an assasin?
A: James A. Garfield

Q: On Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing,” what famous guest singer contributed vocals to the recording?
A: Sting

Q: On this day in 1980, the drama “The Elephant Man” made it’s debut on broadway. Who played the lead role in this production?
A: David Bowie

Q: On this day in 1959, the Soviet space probe Luna 2 became the first man-made object to do what?
A: Reach the moon

Q: Which actor narrated the television show The Wonder Years?
A: Daniel Stern

Q: What musical legend died on this day in 2003 at the age of 71?
A: Johnny Cash

Q: On this day in 2013, Lady Gaga performed “Applause” on ABC’s Good Morning America dressed as what famous movie character?
A: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Q: On this day in 2008, the song “Start a Band” was released. It was a duet with Brad Paisley and what other artist?
A: Keith Urban

Q: The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, ESPN, made its cable TV debut on this day in what year?
A: 1979

Q: On this day in 1982, the number one song in the U.S. was what Chicago hit?
A: “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”

Q: On this day in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt, then vice president, said “speak softly and carry a big stick” in a speech at what State Fair?
A: Minnesota

Q: On this day in 1939, World War II began when Germany invaded what country?
A: Poland

Q: On this day in 1998, what became the first movie in North America to earn more than 600 million dollars?
A: Titanic

Q: On this day in 1982, The number one song in the U.S. was what Steve Miller Band hit?
A: “Abracadabra”

Q: On this day in 2004, the U.S. women’s soccer team won the gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, by defeating what team, 2-1, in overtime?
A: Brazil

Q: What member of the Allman Brothers Band broke a leg in a car crash in Macon, Georgia on this day in 1973?
A: Butch Trucks

Q: On this day in 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to make a non-stop flight across the U.S. She started in Los Angeles and ended in what city?
A: Newark, New Jersey

Q: On this day in 1972, the number one song was “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)” by what group?
A: Looking Glass

Q: Henry Kissinger was named secretary of state by which U.S. President?
A: Nixon

Q: On this day in 1997, Fleetwood Mac released their live reunion album, entitled what?
A: “The Dance”

Q: On this day in 1973, Diana Ross scored her second number one single with what song?
A: “Touch Me in the Morning”

Q: On this day in 1790, the capital city of the U.S. moved from New York City to where?
A: Philadelphia

Q: On this day in 1920, shortstop Ray Chapman of the Cleveland Indians died after being hit in the head with a ball thrown by what New York Yankees pitcher?
A: Carl Mays (It marked the first casualty in a major league game.)

Q: On this day in 1999, Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship, becoming the youngest player to win two majors since WHO?
A: Seve Ballesteros

Q: On this day in 1964, who set a Major League Baseball record when he hit home runs from both the left and right sides of the plate in the same game?
A: Mickey Mantle

Q: Name the character played by actor Tommy Lee Jones in the 1993 movie “The Fugitive.”
A: Samuel Gerard

Q: On this day in 1986, what Madonna song was #1 on the charts?
A: “Papa Don’t Preach”

Q: On this day in 1854, Henry David Thoreau published the book “Walden,” which described his experiences living near Walden Pond in what state?
A: Massachusetts

Q: On this day in 1968, Richard Nixon got the Republican presidential nomination at that party’s national convention in what city?
A: Miami Beach, FL

Q: On this day in 1921, the first play-by-play broadcast of a baseball game was done by KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh. Who was the play-by-play announcer?
A: Harold Arlin

Q: On this day in 1958, The first-ever Billboard Hot 100 pop chart was published. The first song at number one was what Ricky Nelson hit?
A: “Poor Little Fool”

Q: On this day in 1923, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the 30th president of the U.S. after the sudden death of which President?
A: Warren G. Harding

Q: On this day in 1971, the Bee Gees had their first of nine number one hit songs with what ballad?
A: “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?”

Q: On this day in 1987, Bob Seger had his first number one single with “Shakedown” from the soundtrack to what movie?
A: Beverly Hills Cop II

Q: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established on this day in what year?
A: 1958

Q: On this day in 1945, a U.S. Army bomber crashed into WHAT floor of New York City’s Empire State Building?
A: 79th

Q: On this day in 1940, Bugs Bunny made his official debut in a Warner Brothers cartoon. What was the name of that cartoon?
A: A Wild Hare

Q: On this day in 1986 who did Mike Tyson knock out in 30 seconds flat?
A: Marvin Frazier

Q: On this day in 1866, who became the first person to hold the rank of General of the Army United States?
A: Ulysses S. Grant

Q: On this day in 1933, who completed the first around-the-world solo flight in seven days and 19 hours?
A:Wiley Post

Q: Who was the first US president to serve ice cream at a state dinner?
A: Thomas Jefferson

Q: On The Andy Griffith Show, what is Sherriff Andy Taylor’s FULL name?
A: Andrew Jackson Taylor

Q: What was Pierce Brosnan’s first James Bond film in 1995?
A: Goldeneye

Q: What breed of dog is Scooby-Doo?
A: Great Dane

Q: What is the name of Porky Pig’s father?
A: Phineas Pig

Q: In Disney’s Cinderella, what were the magic words?
A: Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Q: On this day in 1847, the U.S. issued its first adhesive postage stamps. George Washington was on the 10 cent stamp. Who was on the 5 cent stamp?
A: Ben Franklin

Q: Country legend Chet Atkins died on this day at the age of 77 in WHAT year?
A: 2001

Q: On this day in 1956, playwright Arthur Miller married what famous woman?
A: Marilyn Monroe

Q: Name the chief spider from the Harry Potter books.
A: Aragog

Q: What’s missing from ale that’s included in beer?
A: Hops

Q: What Elvis Presley movie premiered on this day in 1967?
A: Double Trouble

Q: On this day in 2013, Nik Wallenda became the first man to successfully walk across WHAT on a tight rope?
A: the Grand Canyon

Q: On this day in 1807, British seamen boarded the USS Chesapeake, a provocation leading to WHAT war?
A: The War of 1812

Q: Paula Deen’s recipe for cherry cream cheese tarts calls for 1 teaspoon of what ingredient?
A: pure vanilla extract

Q: What do deciduous trees do?
A: Lose their leaves in winter