Why advertise with Forcht Broadcasting?
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We know you look for the best ways to market and advertise your business, and we want to help tell your story.

Radio is affordable:  When you compare spot to spot, radio tends to be one
of the least expensive advertising outlets – and with our websites and digital
platforms, you get several mediums integrated into one promotion campaign.
Frequency is also key.  You can buy fewer spots and run them all in one to two
weeks, so your clients can hear you more often.

Radio is “psychological” and fast:  We can voice your commercial, or better
yet, let you do it!  When people hear you, they feel they know you.  Regardless of
the voice, we can get you on our airways and websites in no time!

Radio has loyalty:  Our listeners are very loyal.  If you know what your clients
listen to, you can reach them much easier.

Radio is relevant and unavoidable:  You can reach your listeners at the times
your message is relevant, and unless people close their ears, they can’t help but
listen to your story!

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team is ready to tell your story! Kevin Wilson and James England specialize in finding the right advertising campaign for your business
and your budget and will work with you to find the perfect fit into our stations.  Be a part of our Forcht Broadcasting family today!

Contact Kevin at 606-678-8151, or by email at

Contact James England at 502-938-7313, or by email at